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Tastes good

The red Tropisol Dragon Fruit is an industry standout for its intense flavor.

Know us

Our red Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) is a stunning fuchsia color inside, making it a trendy ingredient in cocktails and smoothies.


While all Dragon Fruit are red in the outside, the flesh of most Dragon Fruit is white.

No other Dragon Fruit can match its sweetness and flavor punch.

It all starts with the beautiful night-blooming Pitaya flower, native to the volcanic lands of Nicaragua.Each flower is hand pollinated with great care.
Even more delicate is the harvest process, using pads to protect the fruits.
Then comes the selection and washing of the best dragon fruits from the harvest, which takes a great deal of time and dedication.
The process ends with the drying and packing of our unique red flesh Dragon Fruit with the Tropisol logo.


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Dragon Fruit Sorbet

INGREDIENTS 2 dragon fruits 3/4 c. cold water 1 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tbsp sugarPREPARATION: Cut the dragon fruit in half. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Reserve the halves for serving,if desired. Freeze the halves until you are ready to fill them....


Ingredients: 1 LARGE PITAHAYA1 DOZEN SMALL LIMES1/2 LB SUGARWATERICE Preparation: Wash the pitahayas well, split in half, take out the pulp inside and blend it, then add the lime juice to your liking, sugar, water and ice. It is a delicious and very refresh juice. Enjoy it!  ...


Ingredients: 1 CUP  PITAHAYA PUREE 1/2 CUP OF SUGAR¼ CUP LIME JUICE1 PACKET PLAIN GELATIN2 CUPS HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM 2 TABLESPOONS OF SUGAR. Preparation: Srinkle gelatin over lime juice and stir.Mix puree and ½ cup sugar in saucepan and heat to a simmer stir in lime juice with gelatin and...

Green World Imports is the largest producer of red-fleshed Dragon Fruit in the world.

Because of the rising demand for red Dragon Fruit in the US Market, our entire production has been sold year after year.
Our farms have been GAP certified by the Agricultural Protection and Health Institute of Nicaragua (IPSA) and our packing facilities are PrimusGFS certified.

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